14 January 2016

Virgin Atlantic will confirm in coming weeks the decision to order 12 A350-1000s.

Based on the Aviation Daily article mentioned below, Virgin Atlantic has ordered 12 Airbus A350-1000s.


The airline has ordered 12 A350-1000s, with six A350s to be obtained directly from Airbus or through lessors.

The airline will not confirm the deal, but it is understood that company staff were told of the plan on 12/Jan.

Source: airliners.net

“We are currently evaluating our future leisure fleet requirements to ensure that any new aircraft we introduce will provide the best possible outcome for our customers and our business,” Virgin Atlantic said in a statement.

“We will make an announcement once we have completed this process and can confirm a decision,” it added.

Airbus also would not comment on the deal.

Virgin Atlantic plans to use the A350s to replace its fleet of Boeing 747-400s, which operate on leisure routes to U.S. and Caribbean holiday destinations from London and U.K. regional airports.

The 747s are due to exit the fleet before 2020.

The airline is in the process of replacing its Airbus A340-300 and A340-600 fleets with the Airbus A330-300 and the Boeing 787-9.

Based on the article “Virgin Atlantic Orders A350-1000s” published in Aviation Daily.


  1. Great news for the a350 ...
    Not so great for the a380.
    We'll see if they finally put that order off the books. .

    1. I dont think Vigin/Delta will order the A380, most of the new fleet has already been ordered,plus some more A350's for Virgin. Once the 777x comes along then unless there is a dramatic upturn in passenger numbers, 4 engines will lose out to two.

  2. and the A350-1000 orders will start to roll in!

  3. I believe that this was more of a movement of deposit funds than an order but good for Sir Branson and company.

  4. Considering Delta has already ordered A350 and A330neo its a far chance that Virgin will order the A350 as well. Delta owning 49% shares of Virgin. Lets hope so,because after all the bad news for Airbus over Zodiac,its nice to hear of a another possible order.

  5. Those A380 deposit funds need to go somewhere and unless Boeing can make up for the lost deposits, they, VS, are better off buying something else than forfeiting $____ to Airbus.

  6. Whether you like Boeing or Airbus doesn't come into it,it's horses for courses,what suits one airline doesn't suit another.In my mind both of these companies have great records for building aircraft-As I said before Airbus is struggling with Zodiacs deliveries which now it seems,it will be middle of March before the real ramp up will begin.
    The 777x edge is lower passenger numbers in relation to the A380. The A380 only scores with a really full aircraft 500 plus. The 777x scores in a smaller market where not so many passengers are required to make it pay. The argument will go on for ever,who will win this or that-try imagining what airlines will need in 2030/40,then maybe you'll understand their problem. Oh and by then I'm sure China will be in the aircraft manufacturing in a big way.

    1. Now you said it all. When an airline decides to order a specific model, it's not because it is boeing or airbus, or because it is cooler than the others. It is about what aircraft model better suits them for the coming years, regarding lots of economic and cost saving reasons.