18 December 2013

Airbus relies on the background of Saab to develop and manufacture the flap support structure for the A350-1000. SABCA from Belgium will continue manufacturing the same work-package for A350-900 model.

Saab has signed a contract with Airbus to become a supplier for the A350-1000. The agreement covers design, development and manufacturing of the flap support structures. Saab will be the single-source supplier for these components in the A350-1000.
This is Saab’s first system win on the new Airbus aircraft and gives Saab a key role on this fast-growing aviation program.

“This marks a break-through on yet another Airbus platform confirming our expertise and competitiveness as a global actor on the commercial aviation market. With this contract we further cement Saab as an important and long-term partner to Airbus and we look forward to working with Airbus on the game-changing A350-1000 program," says Lars Jensen, head of Saab’s business unit Aerostructures.

Pictures available at http://www.flickr.com/photos/aircrafts/

Flap support structures link the landing flaps to the wing trailing-edge structure and allow the deployment of the flaps during the take-off and landing phases.

Saab is responsible for the design, development, stress analysis and manufacture of the flap support structures as well as the development and procurement of production tools. The work package comprises both metallic and composites content with a high degree of complex assembly included. The development and production will take place at the Saab Aerostructures facility in Linköping, Sweden.

Based on the press release “SAAB SIGNS CONTRACT WITH AIRBUS FOR A350-1000 FLAP SUPPORT“

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