23 December 2013

Another A350 customer orders … 777-Xs.


Cathay Pacific has placed an order for 21 Boeing 777-9X aircraft, with deliveries to take place between 2021 and 2024. The aircraft are worth $7.5 billion at list prices, said the Oneworld carrier in a statement.

“Cathay Pacific is committed to modernizing its fleet to provide a superior experience to passengers while at the same time delivering cost benefits to the airline and reducing our impact on the environment,” said Cathay chief executive John Slosar.
“The 777-300ER has done a super job for us – indeed, Cathay Pacific is now the second largest operator of this type – and we are delighted to be an early customer for this next generation of the aircraft.”

He said the aircraft will be used mainly on routes to North America and Europe, particularly routes with high volumes of both passengers and cargo.
Cathay Pacific operates 38 Boeing 777-300ER aircraft, and has another 12 on order. The carrier also has orders for 26 Airbus A350-1000s, and 22 A350-900s.

Current 777X customers have A350 XWBs in their orderbook:
  • Lufthansa: 25 orders for A350-900
  • Ethiad Airways: 40 orders for A350-900 and 22 orders for A350-1000
  • Qatar Airways: 43 orders for A350-900 and 37 orders for A350-1000
  • Emirates: 50 orders for A350-900 and 20 orders for A350-1000
  • Cathay Pacific: 22 orders for A350-900 and 26 orders for A350-1000

Based on the article “Cathay orders 21 777-9Xs” published in FlightGlobal

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  1. What is it that makes airlines want both ? Is it price ? Is it availability (Boeing can be much more flexible with hire and fire) Significantly different Cost per seat mile for fuel ? Compatibility with existing infrastructure ? Desire to have leverage over both Boeing and Airbus by being able to realistically play one off against the other ?