11 December 2013

The 777X has more orders and commitments than the A350-1000, which was launched in 2006.

The launch of the 777X in Dubai Airshow last month was really incredible;

• It took almost 13 years for the A380 to reach the exact same number of orders as the 777X did in one day.

• It took 6 years for the original 777 program to accumulate as many orders as the 777X (777-200, 777-200ER and 777-300)

• It took 7 years to gather that many 777-300ER orders

• The 777X commitment from Emirates for 150 airplanes has the same number of units as the first 4.8 years of original 777 orders

There’s no question the 777X is going to be a special airplane. But why has it taken off so quickly? As per Boeing, the 777X will have 12% better fuel efficiency than the A350-1000. In the chart below, Boeing points out the ability of the 777X to carry about 60 more passengers or fly 1,500 nautical miles further that the competition.

777X customers are all A350 main customers too.
  • Lufthansa: 25 orders for A350
  • Ethiad Airways: 62 orders for A350
  • Qatar Airways: 80 orders for A350
  • Emirates: 70 orders for A350

Based on the post “One for the books“ published in Randy´s Journal

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