07 December 2013

Bregier: “I prefer to have orders that I can deliver in the coming years than orders I can deliver after 2020.”

Despite Boeing taking the top honours at last month’s Dubai Airshow, scoring $101.5bn worth of orders compared to Airbus’s $40.4bn, the head of the European giant has claimed that his firm is in a far better position to deliver on its promises.

Airbus’ haul from the industry event included an order for 50 A380 superjumbo aircraft from Emirates, as well as another order 50 A350 jets from Etihad.

Boeing, meanwhile, secured 259 orders and commitments for its 777X, which is not expected to enter service until the end of the decade.
“The biggest decision for me is Emirates taking another 50 A380s,” said Airbus CEO Fabrice Bregier. “Having said that with this additional order we have probably got four years’ backlog, with around 25-30 aircraft to be delivered per year, which is excellent visibility.”

“It confirms that their growth model is based around the A380 and when you compare that with Boeing, Boeing has announced big orders or intentions to order a new product which doesn’t exist and [which] they claim will enter service in 2020.
Airbus’ next big launch is the introduction of the A350, with the first set to be delivered to Qatar Airways in the second half of 2014. The firm will be hoping to avoid the troubles faced by Boeing’s 787, which had a hugely delayed launch and then suffered from a series of problems that led to the worldwide fleet being grounded for 4 months.

“I am confident that within, let’s say, a year, we will be able to enter service to deliver the aircraft to Qatar Airways and to ramp up production,” Bregier said last November.

Based on the article “Airbus chief in dig at Boeing over 777X timeframe” published in Arabian Business

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  1. The only company ordering the A380 doesn't pay full price for fuel. Qantas is going out of business with them, other airlines have tiny fleets to play me too regarding size.