22 July 2014

A350-1000 engine overview (2/4). 1st engine run carried out. Video.

Rolls-Royce has just carried out the first run of the higher-thrust Trent XWB-97 engine which will power the A350-1000. The powerplant is scheduled to fly on a testbed next year, with Airbus aiming to fly the A350-1000 by mid- to late 2016 ahead of service entry in the 2nd half of the following year.

Click the picture to watch the video.

The engine is the exclusive powerplant on the -1000, complementing the XWB-84 for the A350-900, and will begin test flights in 2016.

“All the experience we gained in the Trent XWB-84 test programme will help us optimise development of the XWB-97,” says Trent XWB programme director Simon Burr.

The A350-1000, which has accumulated 169 orders, is due to enter service in 2017 and Qatar Airways is also the launch customer for this version.

All pictures are video-captures via Rolls-Royce.

Based on the article “First A350-1000 parts take shape” published in Flightglobal

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