22 January 2016

Cathay Pacific´s A350 cabin only for 280 passengers.

The 1st of Cathay Pacific's new Airbus A350 jets is expected to take wing in March (could probably be delayed to April), with new design seats fitted from tip to tail.



Each of the airline's 20 A350-900 jets will carry 280 passengers split between business class, premium economy and economy.

Cathay will be the operator with lowest passenger capacity and with 3-class interior (Qatar has 283 seats with 2-class cabin).

Source: Australian Business Traveller.

38 business class seats will take pride of place at the pointy end of Cathay's A350.

They'll be based on the airline's current highly-regarded business class and in the same 1-2-1 layout – but with an updated design which CX is carefully positioning as a 'refresh' to improve the existing seat, based on extensive passenger surveys and in-person workshops.

Travellers can expect to see improvements in storage space (one of the items delayed in the FAL), the ability to slide the meal table forward and back, and a degree of tilt for the large HD video screen.


There's also a compact premium economy cabin of 28 seats in a 2-4-2 arrangement.

This will sport an all-new design with a padded swing-up legrest be built into every seat.

There's also tipped to be a little more legroom due to a slightly greater distance between each row of seats.

Cathay has also added a handy 'tablet tray' beneath each seat's inbuilt screen onto which passengers can perch a tablet or even a large-screen smartphone for watching BYO inflight video.

Source: Jujug Spotting

The rest of Cathay Pacific's A350 will be given over to 214 new economy seats ranked in a 3-3-3 grid, which also boast a similar tablet/smartphone ledge below their larger video screens.

The Airbus A350 will also be fitted with inflight Internet, which is a first for Cathay Pacific's international fleet and an overdue catch-up to competitors such as Singapore Airlines, Emirates and Etihad.



Based on the article “Inside Cathay Pacific's all-new Airbus A350” published in Australian Business Traveller.


  1. So let's talk deliveries. Airbus is supposed to deliver something like 50 A350s this year but here we are 22 days into the new year and not a single delivery?! Can they really blame zodiac for all of this?

  2. Is the Business-Class- Seat really a good choice, if you are travelling with your partner? You have to lean forward and bend your body awkwardly to stay in contact and have a little chat!

    1. Not true, you have the option to slide the seat forward so you can talk with your partner easily.

  3. Well you can see Ace the writer has already written a proviso by saying "March (could be delayed until April)" and I do believe it is ALL down to Zodiac. Its been going on all last year,the really sad thing here is that Airbus
    themselves are ahead of the game.
    Its very easy from here to say get rid of Zodiac and I see Airbus has already shifted Zodiac away from the A330neo so maybe in the future Airbus may get rid of them all together.
    There must many manufacturers out there that would love the Zodiac contract and therein lies the rub-how much is Airbus contractually tied to Zodiac. Fabrice Bregier is frustrated with Zodiac when he publicly said the Management were in denial. I personally think Airbus will not be able to get to full ramp up before March.

  4. Anonymous I know what your saying,but not all airlines have that arrangement,last time I flew long distance with Qantas A380 business (my favorite airline) I was able to sit side by side with my wife. Its nice to see some airlines getting rid of first class,personally think its over the top.If they can afford the price why not go via private jet? Me thinks maybe its just to show off!

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  6. I have just found out that the Airlines order their aircraft seats not the aircraft manufacturer. Plus Zodiac employees regularly stand idle waiting for parts.
    So it seems that both Boeing and Airbus have suffered delays with Boeing suffering delays of up to 6/8 months on their 787 programme. It does not bode well for the Airbus A350.

  7. So true, it now seems that Cathay Pacific A350's will be delayed by three months due to Zodiac. Airbus failures are all due to this companies inability to produce as per contract(all be it with the Airlines) maybe Airbus might suggest another seat manufacturer or what ever,to get these aircraft delivered.
    The average requirement for Airbus to meet Fabrice Bregier wish for this year is 4.5 A350's per month-right now,they are behind by 5.5 (one from last year) at the end of this month and its only going to get worse,unless,somehow,Airbus find a way to get airlines to choose another manufacturer.

  8. SQ is quite a bit lower than CX with only 253 seats.

    1. No, the normal XWB version that will be in service first.

  9. Well I think this blog will be stagnant until about July going by the deliveries so far this year. With 26 in FAL, really starting to stack up now,wonder where they will put them all meantime?

  10. Nothing here about the Airbus/Iran air aircraft deal or the first flight of Singapore Airlines new A350

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  12. I thing this blog is now closed in preference to the twitter site.

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