13 March 2014

A350 modifications being introduced in Batches.

To adhere to delivery schedules, the A350 is being introduced in 3 different Batches.

Batch1 includes the first 4 test aircraft. From MSN1 to MSN4.

Batch2 covers spans from MSN5 to MSN20.

Batch2 represents the production specification A350 with modifications mainly related to weight-saving.

“We are on target for the weight with the Batch2 aircraft. I am very confident we will deliver the payload and the range we planned”, said Fernando Alonso, Airbus senior VP Flight and Integrations Tests.

The most significant changes occur on MSN21, in the transition from Batch2 to Batch3 in which many modifications are cabin-related, but wing components and structural parts of the fuselage are also affected.

Based on the article “Airbus Boosts A320 Output, Takes Large A350 Charge” published in AviationWeek.

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