10 March 2014

MSN2 cabin equipped A350 prototype in Hamburg for next 2 weeks.

The A350 prototype MSN2 has landed for the first time in Hamburg at 14:30h. For next 2 weeks, an extensive testing program of the cabin will be performed in Finkenwerder.

MSN2 is already equipped with an interior seats, kitchens and washrooms, which is however not customer-specific.

"During the test flights, we  will examine the numerous systems in the cabin as air conditioning, power supply of kitchens and seats or the consumer electronics", said Frank Daniels, responsible for cabin testing within the Airbus flight test team.

"Hamburg is our competence centre for cabin systems and design" said Dr. Jörg Schuler, head of Airbus cabin development.

Based on the article "Erste A350 landet in Hamburg" published in Flug Revue.  

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