04 March 2014

Who is the first woman onboard the A350?

Sylvie Loisel-Labaste is the first pilot-woman at Airbus: "I entered at Airbus in 2000 as a flight test engineer. My first position as engineer was at the centre of test-flights in Bretigny sur Orge. Later at Istres I did the school for reception flight-testing personnel and I was the first woman in the EPNER to be graduated.”

Sylvie Loisel-Labaste was in the flight-crew of the first flight of MSN4 last 26/Feb

After her training in the ENAC in Toulouse, Sylvie has followed all the steps as a pilot; in 2003 she qualified to fly all Airbus aircraft. “Since November 2006 I fly the A380, an easy-to-fly aircraft. It is exciting to develop this aircraft by improving every day.”

This young mother of 3 children tries to find a balance between family life, work and life for herself (his favorite sport is swimming): "I am very helped by my husband, and I try to arrange my schedule to be more time with my children; the weekend is sacred.”

Sylvie onboard the A380

Sylvie is focused on a specific area of competence: avionics. She was flying A340-500 (the first woman crew member for a First-Flight at Airbus) and A380 prototypes before joining the first flight of the A350 MSN4 last 26/Feb/2014. She is part of the team that work out the reliability on the auto-pilot, the "third man" onboard, on which the crew relies heavily.

She loves flying her small single-engine aircraft, this time at the controls and not only as flight engineer.


  1. I don't believe she is the only female pilot in Airbus....I've read an article about another one, but I cannot remember the name. And for sure she is also not the only flight test engineer...there was another female FTE on the First Flight of the A320 Sharklet (Sandra Bour-Schaeffer). ;) However: Nice website and always worth to visit!

  2. You are right, the interview where it is said she was the unique pilot-woman in Airbus is from 2007.

  3. She is not the only female test pilot in Airbus. Marie-Pierre Delaveau-Marot is an Airbus test pilot and also Isabelle de Montet-Guerin, who is a British flight test pilot. As a female FTE, you have 2 french ones in addition to Sylvie, Sandra Bour-Schaeffer, dedicated to flight physics, and Catherine Schneider, for avionics.

  4. Thank you so much for your complete information.
    5 women on the flight test team as pilot or as flight test engineer is an example of the growing presence of women in the aerospace. I will try giving them more and more visibility trought this blog.