07 May 2015

3rd A350 delivered to Qatar Airways.

The MSN9 aircraft has been delivered to Qatar Airways today, flying from Toulouse to Doha.

Source: Jujug Spotting

This A350-900 had the register F-WZFDD when she airborne last 27/March and it is planned to join Singapore-Doha commercial route next week with the new register A7-ALC.

You can follow the delivery with this callsign fr24.com/QTR3350


  1. Good God, three since Dec 2014 -5 months!!! Ramp up going ahead as planned! Yeah right.

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  3. John, may I ask why you are so vested and sensitive to what Airbus does and doesn't do? Airbus is delivering products and services to their customers as described in a binding contract. It might not be what you want or like but we're just on the outside looking in. Just saying mate.

    1. Though it might not seem it,I have Airbus at heart. Production and delivery is very important,if gives off the air of confidence in your product and fast deliveries soothe worried CEO'S of Airlines.
      By Airbus's own statement, years ago,the ramp up would be 3per month from end of 2014, 5 per month from end of 2015 and 10 per month from end of 2017/2018. It was a statement made by Airbus about the A350. So the outside world will remember this. Already Boeing has delivered 50 more Aircraft than Airbus this year. You would have thought, that after the fiasco of the A380 deliveries,that Airbus would be burning the midnight oil, to overcome that dreadful event and get as many deliveries out as possible. But no, they are already taking about maybe 15/17 Aircraft by the end of the year. Their ramp up schedule has already stated 3per month-thats 36 by years end. See what I mean. If Airbus needs a kick up its rear end then so be it, together with the banning of such stupid statements as "Going slow to get it right!" Who ever dreampt that up!

  4. Just an addition to my comment above. Rolls Royce geared up for the ramp up, now finds itself with over capacity! Does that mean more redundancies? The effects of slow production reach far further than perceived. So in my mind Airbus needs to get a bloody move on.