25 May 2015

First test flight for Vietnam Airlines A350 in coming weeks.

Vietnam Airlines has confirmed that its first A350 XWB has moved to the ground test station to prepare for its first test flight in the coming weeks.

Vietnam Airlines plans to operate A350 XWB fleet on long-haul routes, beginning with Ha Noi-Paris route in mid-2015.

The first A350 for Vietnam Airlines is now moving to the advanced phase of production. With the engines installed, the aircraft has entered several days of ground tests prior to first flight.

All pictures. Source : Airbus

Based on the article “Vietnam Airlines first A350 XWB moves to 'advanced phase of production'” published in CAPA.


  1. First flight next Friday

  2. First flight delayed next week....

  3. Should have been at the Paris Airshow

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  5. First flight Monday June the 1st