26 May 2015

A pair of A350 in París Air Show.

Airbus has announced that an A350 XWB of launch customer Qatar Airways will be on the static display.

Source: A380_TLS_A350

Throughout the week, MSN2 test aircraft equipped with cabin will take part in the flying display.

Source: Linder Fotografie

Although it was considered to get the MSN14 with Vietnam Airlines blue livery during the 2nd week of June at Le Bourget, finally the launch customer Qatar has included one A350 on it's huge set of aircraft that will be showcase, including a 787, A380, A319 and A320.

Based on the press release "Airbus Group plans major presence at París Air Show 2015".


  1. So Qatar Airlines is buying itself into the Air Show, just to show how wealthy they are? Are those planes on display factory fresh or taken from the inventory?

  2. I dont think so 'anonymous' they had to pick a Qatar aircraft because its the only airline with aircraft actually delivered! Because of the very slow production run that they should have at least 10 aircraft delivered by now going by their own schedule of 3 per month. That would have given them a lot more airlines to choose from.

  3. I think you continue misunderstanding manufacturing-rate (current 4), assembly-rate (current 3) and delivery-rate (current 1 increasing to 2 in comming months).

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  5. But thats the point "current 1 increasing to 2 in coming months"- they actually said years ago that the rate would be 3 per month 2015. Boeing with all its problems with the 787 still managed to deliver 50 more aircraft than Airbus! So it's ok to dleiver just 4 A350 Aircraft since December 2014???

  6. Rate 3 = 3 STARTING assembly not finishing as you've been repeatedly told in the comments. Please learn what Airbus mean by Rate 3 instead of repeating the same incorrect statements.