01 May 2015

Delivery of "around 17" A350 scheduled in 2015.

Leeham News has ran into Qatar Airways’ aircraft acceptance team with CEO Akbar al Baker and their Airbus account manager while at an Airbus visitor’s hotel and picked up interestinginformation.

Source: T.Laurent

Production seems to run smoothly with around 15 aircraft in the final production process being readied for delivery this year.

Source: Airbusspotter

Airbus should achieve a total delivery of around 17 A350 this year.

Based on the article “Bjorn’s Corner: Boeing’s 787 and Airbus’ 350 programs, a snapshot” published in Leeham News.


  1. That's not what was promised. 3 per month from the end of 2014-then 5 per month from end of 2015 and 10 per month from end of 2017. So far this year we have two deliveries. By December it should be 36 as promised. Long Long Long way to go-I don't see this as something to celebrate. Still no announcement about the A350-1000.

  2. Why is there more News about this reduced rate?

  3. The Airbus fanboys are usually the noisiest. if this was B787 news it would be all over the news by now.

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