10 May 2015

Core and fan for flying testbed A350-1000 engine will be mated at Rolls-Royce this month.

Rolls-Royce is assembling the first flight-test version of the Trent XWB-97 A350-1000 engine, the highest-thrust production engine ever made by the manufacturer.

Source: Aviation Week

The fan case for the first flight engine, No. 26001, is nearing completion and vertical stacking of the core is progressing quickly at the manufacturer’s Derby, England, facility after getting underway toward the end of April.

Source: Rolls Royce

“The engine will be moving to Toulouse around mid-year and is due to fly in the beginning of the fourth quarter,” said Simon Burr,  Rolls-Royce’s COO for Civil Large Engines.

Based on the article “Rolls-Royce Building First XWB-97 For Flight Tests” published in Aviation Week

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  1. Good to see Rolls Royce pushing on with the A350-1000 engine, the only recent mention of the aircraft-seems Airbus want to keep it secret.
    As a further note,this is not the highest thrust rating engine that Rolls Royce ever built. The Trent 8104/8115 were built for the original 777 and had thrusts of 104,000 and 114,000 respectively, with many new first innovations such as swept back fan blades.Never came to fruition though-GE made Boeing an offer ($500,000) to be sole supplier and so the Rolls engine was left out in the cold.