26 July 2015

A350 4th generation inflight entertainment system IFE.

A350 marketing director Mike Bausor pointed out that the embedded inflight entertainment system on board has been greatly approved.

“IFE is a basic feature on board the A350 XWB.” 

“What the customer gets is a choice between 2 providers; one which is Panasonic and the other Thales.“

“Both of those systems are what we call 4th generation IFE, and the beauty of that is that we actually multiple the bandwidth by 5, so that means that even in coach all screens are wide-screen and high-definition, which couldn’t be achieved before.”

“On top of that, the aircraft comes with connectivity – wifi, GSM, live TV and all of these good things.”

“The other good thing about 4th generation IFE is the electronic box that used to be at your feet under the seat, has now been … integrated completely into the seat-back, so that there again you provide more comfort for the passengers by providing a totally unencumbered foot space.”
“Even the cable that goes from seat to seat now runs under the floor so you don’t get that plastic strip…it’s a completely flat floor which is unique to the A350.”

Based on the article “Airlines have not yet picked 10-abreast layout for A350: Airbus” published in Runway Girl Network.

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  1. Yes Yes we all know its a great Aircraft-problem is we cant buy one! Not unless you want to wait ten years! Production Production thats what needed now.