13 July 2015

A350 parts made in Portugal.

Lauak basque group chose Portugal in 2003 to expand their business because “Portugal offers a stable political situation, it has an aeronautical culture (with Ogma and TAP M&M) and a logistic situation particularly interesting” said Jean-Marc Charritton, Lauak President.

In the site at Setubal, the manufacturing and assembly of the central console (pedestral) and dashboard of the cockpit of the A350-900 & A350-1000 is completed.

Locating in Portugal has many advantages since it is an European country that has the same currency as France (where Lauak is based), which has no customs constraint, etc.

In addition, Embraer arrived in 2005 and 2 plants were opened in 2013 at Evora. A presence which, of course, offers new opportunities to local companies.

In 10 years, Lauak Portuguesa grew from a staff of 28 people with a turnover of 1.4 M€ to 262 people and a turnover of 10.2 M€.

Its progression continues with a workforce that will exceed 300 employees for a forecast turnover of 11.5 M€ in 2015.

Lauak has 2 facilities in Portugal for structural assembly and metallic parts manufacturing, including surface treatments (Tartaric Anodizing TSA), painting for both sheet metal parts and machining parts.

Based on the article “Lauak, pr├ęcurseur au Portugal” published in Le Journal de L´Aviation.

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