02 July 2015

Maturity program launched for A350-900´s Trent XWB-84 engine.

With the first A350-900s having entered service with Qatar Airways, R-R is now working on an XWB-84 “maturity program,” alongside the industrialization.

“Vietnam is shortly to get their first aircraft; the engines have been delivered already. And we’ve built the first engine for Finnair…and TAM will be toward the end of the year. We’re 100% on time on delivery for our engines,” said Burr.

The industrialization is “very important because of the order book.”

“Rolls-Royce has invested huge amounts in its facilities, such as UKDiscs.”

This plant in Washington, Tyne and Wear, UK, is designed to produce 2.500 fan and turbine discs a year.

Meanwhile, R-R has “put in a pulse line for engine assembly in Derby, which Burr described as “a big step forward in how we build our engines.”

All pictures. Source: Rolls-Royce

Based on the article “Rolls Preps A350-1000’s Big Trent XWB-97 for Tests on A380 FTB” published in AINonline


  1. Great to see Rolls Royce keeping up with the game;investment being the major target.

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