23 July 2015

A350 debuts at Oshkosh.

Airbus experimental test pilot Captain Frank Chapman flew his dynamic Paris Air Show demonstration routine of 7 minutes in the Airbus A350 as it made its EAA AirVenture debut on Monday 21/July.

Source: Airbus

Chapman said he was less constrained by airspace boundaries than he was at the Paris Air Show last month because there is no nearby airport to Wittman that could create a traffic conflict.

Source: @delanman

At Paris Le Bourget, demo pilots have to be very careful not to intrude into nearby Charles de Gaulle’s Class D airspace.

Source: Airbus

For the demo at EAA AirVenture, he set Config 3 [drooped nose devices, slats and flaps extended] because the A350’s digital fly-by-wire flight control system provides crisper roll response in that configuration.

Source: Airbus

“I couldn’t believe the sea of airplanes and campers on the ground. It just blew me away. When we landed, everybody was so enthusiastic. The welcome was just overwhelming.”

Source: Airbus

Landing weight for the aircraft was 430,000 lb and VREF final approach speed was 135 knots indicated. Landing rollout on Runway 36 was less than 5,000 ft.

Source: @macjp

Based on the article “Airbus’s Chapman Flies A350 Paris Air Show Routine At Oshkosh” published in Aviation Week.

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