22 October 2014

1st fuselage shells for A350-1000 manufacturing started in Germany.

Initial carbonfibre wing covers for the first Airbus A350-1000 have been completed, as structural work on the largest member of the family progresses.

Upper and lower wing covers have respectively been readied at the plants in Stade and Illescas.
Source: Premium Aerotec

Concerning the fuselage shells, the Nordenham facility of Premium Aerotec has started the automatic fiber placement process for the first section 13/14 of the new A350-1000.

Source: Premium Aerotec

With an event attended by more than 200 employees, Premium Aerotec has officially started the manufacturing of the first fuselage shell for the A350-1000.

Source: Airbus

The A350 Program Manager at Premium AEROTEC, Joachim Nägele, said: "today marks an important milestone in the A350 XWB program. The successful start of the production of the largest version of the A350 XWB shows that we are on the good path, besides the successful industrial ramp-up for the A350-900.”

Source: Airbus

The manufacturing operations (AFP and curing in the autoclave) as well as the further assembly tasks are performed in 3 sites in Nordenham, specially constructed for the A350 XWB.

Based on the article “First A350-1000 structures emerge” published in FlightGlobal and based on the article “Premium AEROTEC beginnt Rumpf-Produktion für A350-1000” published in FlugRevue.

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