01 October 2014

A team of 40 EASA-engineers & test pilots has actively participated in the A350 Certification campaign.

When handing over EASA type certificate to Airbus, Patrick Ky, EASA Executive Director said: "We dealt with a very mature aircraft.

Airbus and EASA have learnt from experience and have established pragmatic working methods which have proved to be the recipe for the successful type certification and the way forward for future certification programs. I wish a long and safe journey to the A350 program throughout its life in service".

During the certification campaign, EASA has established 16 technical panels composed of 40 engineers and test pilots, covering the full range of the program from structure to avionics and from cabin safety to flight tests.

EASA flight test teams have actively participated in more than 250 hours of flight testing.
Nearly 700 certification documents were reviewed and accepted by EASA.
More than 60.000 hours were logged by EASA staff or experts from European National Aviation Authorities to enable the certification of the A350.

All pictures are © Airbus

Based on the EASA press release.

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