29 October 2014

In-cockpit Wi-Fi connectivity on A350.

After gaining 370-minute ETOPS certification for the A350-900, Airbus continues preparations for entry into service with additional approvals like in-cockpit Wi-Fi.


Source: Airbus


In the cockpit, A350 pilots will have access to Wi-Fi connectivity, allowing them to retrieve weather information from the Internet in real time on a tablet, for instance.

Airbus demonstrated compliance of the A350 with the RTCA DO-307 standard for tolerance to electromagnetic interference.

Another claimed benefit includes the combined use and intercommunication of a pilot-attached device (e.g. a tablet) with the aircraft-attached electronic flight bag.

The airline would still carry responsibility for implementing the actual technical solution and obtaining a local approval, Airbus said.

Based on the article “Airbus Gears Up for A350-900 Service entry” published in AinOnline.

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  1. in cockpit Wifi?
    Is it really necessary, tablet are already really distractive.

    I already don't feel confortable knowing the crew are playing with tablet during the flight....