13 October 2014

Still 32 orders for the “develop-cancelled” A350-800 model.

AWAS announced the decision made in September to convert its positions for 2 A350-800s to 2 of the larger A350-900 model. AWAS was an initial launch customer for the program, and one of the first lessors to place an order for this game changing aircraft and will receive both aircraft from this firm order in 2017.

Ray Sisson, President & CEO AWAS commented, “AWAS is very pleased to be able to offer our global airline customers the breakthrough performance and efficiency of the A350 XWB. Our conversion to larger A350-900 model reflects our overall confidence and the strong development of the program to date.”

“AWAS’ decision to upsize to the A350-900 underlines the trend we are seeing across all market segments favouring larger aircraft models in all size categories,” said John Leahy, Airbus COO, Customers.

Although the development of the A350-800 is cancelled (see here), the A350-800 still has 32 order from 4 Customers: Yemenia – Yemen Airways with 10 orders, Aeroflot & Asiana Airlines with 8 orders each and Hawaiian Airlines with 6 aircraft ordered.

Based on the press release “AWAS reaffirms commitment to A350 XWB programme, converting positions to A350-900 widebodies”


  1. See here(Source Airbus,End of July):
    Hawaiian Airlines has signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with Airbus for six A330-800neo aircraft. The agreement adds yet another name to the growing list of launch customers for the new aircraft type. The new commitment replaces a previous order placed by Hawaiian for six A350-800s.

  2. Airbus should get rid of the A330 because it is very old and continue with a350-800 a more modern jet to replace a330-200

  3. Although Airbus signed this MOU with Hawaiian Airlines just after Farnborough (http://bloga350.blogspot.com/2014/07/hawaiian-airlines-cancels-their-a350.html), in the "Orders Status updated on 30/Sep" available in http://www.airbus.com/company/market/orders-deliveries, the 6 A350-800 remains as Ordered. That's the reason I have written 32 orders instead 26.
    They should update the file in a pair of weeks.