12 October 2014

A350 first Qatar aircraft will airborne in comming days.

With the first engine run shown in the picture taken in Toulouse yesterday, the MSN6 aircraft is going to airborne in comming days in it's Route to Entry Into Service before end of Year.

Airbus is aware that it is working for a "demanding" customer, its chief executive said on Friday.

Airbus is now working to get the cabin furnishing ready for Qatar, a key task taking into consideration that Qatar recently rejected some aircraft from Airbus due to what it described as concerns over the quality of cabin fittings.

"We know it will be difficult to have it accepted because they are very demanding on quality, but it's a good start. We believe at least one aircraft will be delivered this year, but the customer has the final say" Fabrice Bregier added.

Based on the article "Qatar Airways being "difficult" on A350 launch, says Airbus boss" published by Arabian Business.

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