19 November 2014

French Economy Minister visits A350 manufacturing line in Aerolia and says that Aerolia-Sogerma merger is a good decision.

French Economy Minister Emmanuel Macron has said that the merger of Sogerma and Aerolia, 100% subsidiaries of Airbus Group was "a good decision".

"This is really a good decision. The social partners, whom I have met, are also very positive", said the Minister at the end of a visit to Aerolia-site, employing nearly 1,600 people.

After visiting for an hour the 18,000 m2 site where parts for A350 front fuselage are manufactured –with automated fiber placement and tape laying “robots”- he explained: “Our country has not managed to full modernization in the 1980s, 90 and 2000 linked to the first automation. Many of our neighbors have overtaken us. The robots didn´t destroyed jobs and in Germany for example, companies have 5 times more robots and twice less unemployment".

The president of Aerolia Cédric Gautier, who accompanied Mr. Macron during the visit, estimated that the merger "presented itself very well" and that it would be legally effective before the end of the year. As early as 2/January, we will start under a new entity more important, more robust and more able to invest in R&D and to seek markets, including outside Airbus”.

The turnover of Aerolia, employing 3.500 employees worldwide, has reached 1.1 billion euros in 2013, with an annual production of more than 650 fuselages and more than 6 million elementary parts and panels.

On the other side Sogerma, which is the specialist in business class seats, has about 2.000 employees worldwide and has 2 sites (Rochefort, Mérignac), as well as a design office in Toulouse.

All photos by F.Douchet

Based on the article “Aéronautique: fusion Sogerma-Aerolia, "une bonne décision" (Macron)” published by AFP

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