25 November 2014

"We will look at the A350 again” said Emirates president.

Emirates hopes to talk to Airbus in the next few months over possibly buying A350 planes after it unexpectedly cancelled an order for 70 in June, said the airline's president Tim Clark.

The cancellation of the wide-body planes was a blow for Airbus and Clark acknowledged he was not "flavour of the month" with the plane maker.
Source: flyteam.jp

He said Emirates had cancelled the order after Airbus changed the plane's specifications but it would look closely at how the aircraft - which should enter service this year with Qatar Airways - performs once it starts flying.
"I've said the company will look at the A350 again. It will be done when we can align a contract to the performance of the aircraft," Clark said.

Clark said Emirates would need new widebody planes from 2019, although it could also keep older planes in service for longer. He added by that time the A350 would be in competition with Boeing's 787-10 jet, which is due to enter service in 2018.

Based on the article “Emirates hopes for talks with Airbus on A350 in next few months” published in Reuters.


  1. Wrong CEO in the first picture ;)

  2. Forget Clark,he's on a wind up,just trying to get Boeing to lower their prices,hence the 'talk' of the A380neo and the we 'might' buy the A350. Just look after the LOYAL customers and fill their A330 orders-forget him.He's never going to buy Aircraft with RR engines when his fleet is all American.