21 November 2014

“Some additional surprises” by Qatar Airways CEO expected in the A350 hand-over ceremony.

Qatar Airways took delivery of its first A380 in September, following a 3-month standoff with Airbus over the quality of cabin fittings. "It cost us nearly three months ... In revenue over $200 million," said Qatar Airways' CEO Akbar Al Baker.

Source: Christian Preinl

Al Baker expressed confidence that the mid-sized A350 would be delivered on time before the end of the year and hinted at a possible new plane order.

Source: Jujug Spotting

"Qatar Airways has been very proactive with Airbus on the A350 program. This is a very fine airplane. The aircraft will - God willing - be delivered to us before the end of the year on schedule and we may have some additional surprises for you which I will not discuss with you now."

Source: Jujug Spotting

The A350 handover ceremony is scheduled for Friday 12/12 in Toulouse.

Based on the article “Qatar Airways lost $200m because of A380 delays, says Al Baker” published in Reuters.


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