12 December 2014

Finnair will fly the A350 between Incheon (South Korea) and Helsinki (Finland) starting in 2016.

A350-900 is expected to fly between Incheon and Helsinki starting in 2016.

Finnair is one of the first airliners to adopt Airbus A350 jets, which are known to use 5% less fuel and emit 20% less carbon compared to other ordinary planes.

‘‘Going green has become a mandatory thing for Finnair,” said Kati Ihamaki, vice president of Finnair’s sustainable development unit. The company’s environment department (arguably the first in the world)  was established in 1987. “About 95% of our corporate customers put eco-friendliness as their evaluation criteria for tendering. Therefore, it is more than a branding tool for us to become eco-friendly,” she said. 

Source: Publico.pt

In 2011, Finnair became the first carrier to launch regular flights between Helsinki and Amsterdam using biofuel.

“Because we are a flight company, every drop of fuel we save is directly linked to our profit. Therefore, it is natural that we seek fuel-efficiency,” she said. Fuel accounts for about 40% of the airlines’ costs.

Source: Airbus

“We also think that this will lead to sustainable management because our eco-friendly approach in business also helps us grab new business opportunities in the green energy industry,” Ihamaki said.

Based on the article “Finnair to halve carbon emissions by 2050” published in The Korea Herald

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