14 December 2014

Stelia Aerospace, new name for A350 structure risk sharing partner.

"By creating STELIA AEROSPACE, AEROLIA and SOGERMA are proud to unite their ambitions at the service of their historical customers as well as new ones, the trust of which they will endeavor to gain. With STELIA, its teams and businesses, a new page of aeronautics is opening today", say Cédric Gautier and Jean-Michel Léonard, respectively AEROLIA and SOGERMA CEOs.

A new name for a new company: STELIA AEROSPACE. A midnight blue universe and a logo featuring the infinite symbol, STELIA calls sobriety, dynamism and openness to mind.
A name referring to its roots, starting in S and ending in A, evoking the stars, the shining and distinguishing immaterial reference.

Source: Manuel Belleli

STELIA will be a landmark for its customers. “Because we have our feet firmly on the ground as an industrial company, and our eyes in the stars, STELIA strongly relies on its roots and its ambitions.”

Recognized through its complementary businesses and bearing this development ambition common to both major aeronautical companies, the merger of AEROLIA and SOGERMA will give rise, on 1/January, to the world No. 3 (as regards its turnover) in aerostructures, seats and aeronautical equipment, with 6,100 staff members and 11 sites.

Based on the press release “Aerolia & Sogerma merge into Stelia Aerospace”


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