25 December 2014

First A350 Delivery is a historical event

When in an interview in Les Echos, President and CEO of Airbus Fabrice Brégier is asked about the historical mean of the A350 delivery to Qatar Airways, he emphasizes that the A350 is the 6th aircraft designed by Airbus in 45 years of history. 

The last clean-sheet new aircraft delivered was the A380 in 2007 and before there were the A300, A320, A340 and A330. Other models are and will be derivatives.

And the future? The A350 XWB is the last new jet from Airbus or Boeing until at least next decade. 

Well-controlled development.

Source: Airbus

Mr. Bregier points out the satisfaction of having overall well-controlled a very complex development, without delay on the last 2 years. "In the opinion of the experts, the A350 is the program with the better development performance of the history of aeronautics. 

This is the result of a huge mobilization, the Head of Program Didier Evrard, his Chief Engineer Gordon McConnell but also thousands of engineers and highly motivated team to meet this challenge, which we can all be very proud!"

Based on the interview to Fabrice Brégier: « L’enjeu de l’A350, c’est prendre la moitié d’un marché de mille milliards de dollars » published in Les Echos.


  1. Thanks again for your effort for collecting all the information on the progress of this faszinating program.Now we are watching the development of the bigger sibling! It will look even more cool with its six-wheel boogie.!


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