25 January 2015

A350-1000 flap support structures manufacturing in Saab progress on schedule.

In Dec/2013 Saab signed a contract with Airbus to become a supplier for the A350-1000. The first parts have now been produced and Saab is gearing up for assembly and delivery.

Source: Manuel Belleli

The agreement between Saab and Airbus includes the design, development and manufacturing of the flap support structures and fairings for the Airbus A350-1000 for the entire duration of the program.

Source: Saab

Flap support structures link the landing flaps to the wing trailing-edge structure and allow the deployment of the flaps during the take-off and landing phases.
Saab is now gearing up for assembly and initial delivery of structural parts for the A350-1000.

Source: Manuel Belleli

“The first parts have been produced and we are pleased with the results. The next step is to start up our in-house assembly line where the parts will be assembled,” says Dan Lagerberg, Project Manager for the A350-1000 project at Saab.

Source: Saab

“We are making good progress in the A350-1000 project,” says Dan Lagerberg, “we have a tight schedule, but the whole project and supply-chain are geared up for the challenge and now it is full steam ahead towards completing the first delivery.”

Based on the press release “Parts for the A350-1000 produced at Saab”

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