08 January 2015

Emirates will decide the major-order in 2015; Boeing 787 versus A350 XWB.

While Emirates and Qatar placed launch orders for the Boeing 777X at the 2013 Dubai Air Show, another major sales campaign likely will be decided in 2015, in time for the next air show in Dubai starting on 8/Nov/2015.

Source: Airbus

Emirates is looking at another large order for the Airbus A350 or the Boeing 787 for medium- to long-haul routes, including to destinations in Asia, Europe and Africa.

Source: Manuel Belleli

The campaign comes after Emirates canceled an earlier order for 70 A350s in 2014, as it was no longer happy with the type’s revised performance parameters.

Based on the article "Harvesting Brands" published in Aviation Week.

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  1. Emirates should order A350-800 and make them produce this jet