26 January 2015

A350-800 only 2 Customers and 16 orders left.

In December/2014 there have been some orders cancellations in the A350-800 orderbook.

Hawaiian Airlines changed the order of 6 A350-800 to the new A330-800 on 17/December.
And Yemenia – Yemen Airways moved the order of 10 A350-800 they made in Nov/2007 to larger A350-900.

Although the development of the A350-800 is cancelled (see here), the A350-800 still has 16 order from 2 Customers: Aeroflot & Asiana Airlines with 8 orders each.

Source: Manuel Belleli

Aeroflot moved in Oct/2013 the initial order of 18 A350-800 done in June/2007 converting 10 to larger A350-900. Asiana made a similar partial-movement in 2011 converting 2 of the 10 A350-800s ordered in 2008 to larger A350-900.

A350-800 orders are the 2.1% of the order book which is completed with 595 A350-900 orders and 169 A350-1000 orders for the total figure of 780.

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