10 January 2015

Money for Vietnam Airlines' A350 XWB.

Vietcombank will grant a credit loan of US$160 million to the national carrier Vietnam Airlines (VNA) to buy aircraft next year.
This was announced at the ceremony held for the signing of the agreement between the 2 parties on18/Dec. The loan will be used to buy 10 Airbus A350 XWB and also 8 Boeing B787-9 aircraft.

Source: Quentin Bonnet

Vietcombank became one of VNA's largest investors on 14/Nov, when the company launched an initial public offering on the HCM City Stock Exchange.
The A350 XWB will be put into operation in Vietnam by 2015. They will play a strategic role in the carrier's plan to launch long international routes.

Chairman of Vietcombank's Executive Board Nghiem Xuan Thanh said that being a leading commercial bank in Vietnam, Vietcombank had for many years seen VNA as one of its largest clients, and both shared a traditional and long-term relationship.
General Director of VNA Pham Ngoc Minh said that the firm would begin renewing its aircraft fleet with Airbus A350-900s (and also Boeing 787-9s) in 2015.

Source: Quentin Bonnet

"With the successful signing ceremony held today, we believe that the co-operation between VNA and Vietcombank will continuously develop, and ensure the essential interests of the parties," said Minh.

Based on the article “Vietnam Airlines gets loan for new planes” published in VietnamNet


  1. I don't get it, how many aircraft can you buy with $160m? If they get good discounts, maybe one 787... so why the speech?

  2. I think just $160 million from Vietcom. Vietnam Airlines may have financed the rest with Airbus and or another bank. I doubt $160 million pays for ten new A350's.

  3. I assume the $160m will cover early prepayments only.

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