28 January 2015

A350 lithium-ion batteries certification will be completed in 2015. Deliveries starting in 2016.

Didier Evrard, Head of Programs at Airbus has confirmed that the Airbus A350 will be equipped with lithium-ion batteries in the future.

Originally, the A350 was to have been equipped with lithium-ion batteries from the first prototype, but due to overheating issues on Boeing 787, Airbus finally had to rethink seriously in 2013.

"We were at a point where we could not afford to risk the schedule of the aircraft because of the batteries so as a precaution, we decided at that time to equip the first aircraft with traditional batteries" said Evrard.

"The certification of the system is underway and will be completed this year. EASA and the FAA are well aware of the work we have done, and I have to say that we have had very, very few changes to make. We have deviated neither from our principles nor in the construction of the battery, from the beginning" said Didier Evrard.

The first 4 flight-prototypes of the A350 have been equipped with lithium-ion batteries, and during more than 2.000 flying hours no incidents have been recorded.

From 2016, Airbus intends to equip all its A350’s with these new-generation batteries, that allows a weight reduction of 80kg for the same performance.

Until then, A350 will be provided with nickel-cadmium batteries -the only configuration currently certified- and they retrofit with lithium-ion batteries will be available for the first maintenance check.

All pictures Source: Jacob Pfleger

Based on the article “Airbus A350 to be equipped with lithium-ion batteries in 2016” published by AeronewsTv

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