01 August 2013

EF2 fatigue test at IABG waits for the wings

IABG carries out EF2 –and EW- fatigue test on the A350 XWB on behalf of Airbus.

Objective of the structural tests is the verification of strength, fatigue and damage tolerance of the aircraft’s primary structure which is almost completely made from composite materials.

EF2 test comprises fatigue tests on the middle fuselage section (arrived last June to Erding), including wing box and wings.

In the course of the EF2 test campaign, the aircraft´s structure is stressed with 88 servo-hydraulic cylinders to simulate all substantial stress factors occurring during flight operation. Distributed load introduction into the test structure is ensured via load bearing harnesses. Landing gear, engines and aerodynamic components are simulated by replacement structures.

The test includes the simulation of a total of 86.400 flights. This equates to 3 times the intended lifespan. The simulation will be accompanied by regular inspections and measurement campaigns. As soon as the wings arrive IABG site in Erding (Germany) in coming weeks, the IABG and Airbus experts will begin with the final assembly and complete the experimental setup. First test series are to start at the beginning of 2014.

IABG is using a test hangar (71mx71m length x width) on the premises of the airbase Erding to carry out this structural test campaign. The hangar of 28,5 metres height has modular and mobile panels which allows to carry out the EW and the EF2 in the same test hangar.


  1. Why are there 2 test (EF2 & EW)?

  2. Both tests are fatigue tests which need similar support and know-how during similar period of time. The hangar was planned 5 years ago to carry out both tests.

  3. I understand both are fatigue tests. I wonder what happens if you have a fatigue failure at the wing root joint in one test but not the other? The wing root joint sounds like its represented somehow in both fatigue tests...

    PS. Keep up the great blog you have going. Its a one-stop-shop for A350 related news :-)