05 August 2013

GKN wing FTE production site in the BBC news. Video

click in the picture to watch the report shown in the BBC

GKN Aerospace’s significant involvement on the Airbus A350 XWB encompasses:

•The design, development and manufacture of the aircraft’s composite rear wing spars

•The design and development of a state of the art automated facility that assembles the wing fixed trailing edge (FTE) parts to the rear spar. GKN Aerospace then delivers the complete FTE to the Airbus facility at Broughton, North Wales, UK

•The manufacture of the composite components for the aircraft wing’s inboard and outboard flaps

•The manufacture of Rolls-Royce Trent XWB structures including thrust struts, inner core fairings and blisks

•The design, development and manufacture of the Rolls-Royce intermediate compressor case (intercase)

•The supply of the passenger cabin windows (PCW) which use the company’s patented, industry-leading CrystalVue II™ coating technology. 114 PCW are supplied per ship set

Another BBC video in GKN facility

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