15 August 2013

The MSN1 in the air again; the first flight prototype resumes the A350 Flight tests.

The first month from the 14/June that the MSN1 airborne was dedicated to test the complete envelope of the aircraft in 15 flights for 92 hours. This phase1 was finished in one month (15/July) and it has been necessary another month to resume the Test Program.

The FTI Flight Test Instrumentation has been updated and many data from the first month deeply studied to start this phase2 with new and different tests scheduled with the target of freezing the aircraft´s aerodynamic configuration.

The MSN1 has taken off from the “new” 32R runway of the Toulouse airport at 10:33h (local time) this morning and flight to the Rochefort and La Rochelle area in the Atlantic coast.

The MSN1 has landed at 16:35h (local time) completing a flight of 6 hours and 2 minutes.

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