10 August 2013

There is almost a potential A350 customer that is interested in the 10-abreast high-density economy seating layout.

The 10-abreast high-density economy seating layout study for the A350 is now "on offer" said Caudron, adding that "there is a potential A350 customer that is interested" in the layout.

The A350 has an exit limit of 440 passengers with the standard four-door (per side) configuration, but this would increase to 475 with the optional additional fifth door installed, said Caudron.

However, while the minimum seat pitch for the A350 in 9-abreast layout is 29in (74cm), this will increase to 31in pitch for 10-abreast seating to avoid the need to reinforce the cabin floor for the higher density configuration.

The project study is “looking at the option of taking what is the equivalent of an A330 seat when it is configured at 9-abreast to make a 10-abreast A350”, said Airbus. AirAsia X is taking 25 A330-300s configured in this high-density arrangement with 392-seats.

“This is an opportunity that looks at the very highest levels of operating cost efficiency. In this configuration, the operating cost per seat could not be matched by any other aircraft. We’d have to go to an 11-abreast A380 to achieve similar levels.”

Based on the article “Reduced MTOW A350 offered for medium-haul operations” published in Flight Global.

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