26 September 2014

Aerolia´s Meaulte site will be re-designed considering Lean Principles to assure A350 ramp-up.

The Project 3X has been launched for Aerolia´s Meaulte site, deeply modifying how the site will look for the 20 years to come.

“To ensure the high rates (3X is named by rate targets of 3 SAs a day, 3 LRs a week, 3 LAs a month) in an efficient and sustainable way, we chose to optimize our production flows rather than favouring flexibility as we did in the past” explained Olivier Canal, Meaulte Master-Plan Manager.

To this end, all the activities of each program will be co-located within a single building. Production lines will be organized as per the “pull” principle. Each one will perform the whole assembly of a work-package model, s11, s12 or bottom structures, from the first sub-assemblies. Each workstation within these lines will adopt the takt-time. 

The production time will therefore smothered between the different stations, so as to provide for maximum productivity, by removing the waiting times and reducing the risks of blocking one element.

Based on the article “Project 3X, a whole set of perspectives” published in Aerolia Magazine.


  1. It is not "tack-time" english like words, I believe to be "Takt time" from german ?