09 September 2014

Low Cost carrier Ryanair considering A350 and B787 for transatlantic flights.

Ryanair is studying both the A350 and the B787 for use on its proposed transatlantic services. Ryanair's chief marketing officer, Kenny Jacobs, said that the Irish LCC had now come up with a suitable model for its proposed North American flights but launching had been limited owing to a lack of available, suitable aircraft.

“We’ve got a model that we know can work. We need to get aircraft, so we can talk to Boeing and Airbus, and we can also see if someone has some distressed inventory [we can take sooner] to make our transatlantic plan a reality," Jacobs said.

Among the potential city pairings to be targeted are: Dublin, London Stansted and Milan with Newark, New York JFK and Boston.

Jacobs added that the flights would not feature an all-economy lay-out as per Ryanair's traditional approach, but will instead feature separate “premium” seating.

Based on the article “Ryanair considering the A350, B787 for transatlantic flights” published in ch-aviation.com

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