04 September 2014

How to choose a A350 model for a present?

There is a pair of webs where you can buy a model to enjoy the A350 in your desk at the office or at home. There are different dimension models and different finishing & painting liveries.

The Airbus web includes a shop with 6 different models:
From the cheapest 1/144 Revell Model with a kit of 120 parts to assembly by yourself (29€) to the biggest 1/100 Graphideco model (410€)

The other web page with many A350 models is: http://www.airspotters.com/  If you type A350 in the search box it will bring up a list of models. A Open Day is scheduled for 7/Sep and there will be online offers for those that cannot attend it personally.

Other online shops:

Enjoy your model, and if you know other webshops, please post it below in “comments”. Thanks.

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  1. Hi, I would recommend this model shop: https://airmodels.net !