27 September 2014

Airbus COO-Customers says A350 ramp-up is too conservative.

Leahy is more concerned that Airbus may not deliver as many A350s as the potential demand for the aircraft, because of its conservative production ramp-up. “We are being prudent, but it bothers me,” he said. However, he indicated that Airbus might soon decide to produce at higher rates. “I believe this will be decided sometime next year,” he said.

Source: © Airbus

Airbus is currently moving from a rate of two to three per month, a move it plans to complete by year-end. By the end of 2015, Airbus plans to build 5 aircraft/month, but output will be expanded to 10 aircraft/month by 2018.

Source: © Airbus

Based on the article “Airbus To Look At Higher A350 Rates” published in Aviation Week

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  1. How does the 10/mo affect the A350-1000? Its EIS is scheduled for 2017.