09 November 2014

TAP Portugal, the 4th customer of the A350-900, plans to start receiving it in Q1/2017.

TAP will receive the first of 5 A350-900 airplanes in Q1/2017, 10 years after Fernando Pinto signed the contract with Airbus.

Source: Airbus

The Portuguese airline ordered 12 aircraft and will be the 4th company worldwide to receive the A350-900, the 2nd in Europe after Finnair.

Source: dineiro activo

TAP will pay approximately 2.78 billion euros (235.1 million euros per aircraft) according to the manufacturer's catalogue price, said Airbus at a meeting with journalists in Toulouse.

"The idea of TAP is to retire the A340s which are still in its fleet", according to José Eduardo Moreira, TAP's fleet maintenance engineer, one of the 5 engineers from the airline-customers that have been invited to accompany the production of the A350 in France. 

Source: Público

However, in addition to replacing the 5 A340s –that are around 20 years old-, the A350-900 could also be used to replace some of the older A330 depending on the needs of the TAP.

Based on the article “Airbus A350 chegam à TAP em 2017 por 2,7 mil milhões de euros” published in Dinheiro Vivo


  1. Hi, something doesnt fit here. Based on known production list the fourth airline to get A350 is Singapore Airlines sn 26( followed by 30,31) and Cathay 5th should take their first in February 2016. So TAP is definitely not the 4th one, unless they take still unassigned sn 24, 27 but they are already in production, so EIS in 2017 is nonsense.

  2. FYI, TAP only has 4 A340-300

  3. After Qatar, Vietnam (MSN14) and Finnair (MSN18), TAP will be the 4th airline taking over MSN24, just prior to Singapore (MSN26).

  4. I could agree with sn 24 as I wrote above, but in 1Q2017 ? So you assume that AB will deliver 17 planes together in 2015-2016 period ?? If starting 2015 3 planes /month should be in production ?

  5. As a target, delivery of MSN24 in March/2017 does not sound wrong. The FAL should start the assembly one year before.

  6. Sorry you skipped probably one year. Currently SN19 should enter FA, so you expect 14 months (Dec 14- Mar 16) for 5 planes to start FA ?? And I seriously doubt about 12 months in FA, even first production plane SN6 dddnt last so long and thats the First and for Qatar (worse possible combination :-)

  7. So its another way around, TAM should take over MSN24 and this hull enter FAL in March 2015, delivery beg 2016.