10 November 2013

A350 Backlog before Dubai Airshow

Before the Dubai Show, this is the A350’s backlog status summarized by Aspire Aviation for Leeham News.

To date, the A350 has won 759 orders from 39 different customers (excluding Kingfisher´s order for 5 A350-800s). [764 orders in Airbus official figures]

After slow sales in 2011 and 2012, 2013 has been an excellent rebound year for the A350, its second best behind 2007, with 182 orders to date.

There are several upcoming fleet replacement decisions (ANA, Qantas) and order officialization (South African Airways) that could be decided in coming months. Additionally to the Dubai announcements, of course.

The chart below shows A350 orders by year since it launched:

The geographic breakdown of the A350’s orders shows that Asia and the Middle East currently account for more than 55% of the program’s orders.

The A350 program backlog by model is presented in the following chart:

The following table summarizes the orders by mission type.

Based on the article “Analyzing A350 backlog” published in Leeham News

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