25 November 2013

Didier Evrard Head of A350 Program visited last week the site that Spanish Tier 1 Alestis has in Aerópolis –Sevilla.

According to Alestis, the visit has served Airbus to check on-site the good progress the company has experienced in this program "due to industrial restructuring launched in September 2012". The delegation from Airbus, and especially Didier Evrard, acknowledged the fulfillment of all the commitments made by Alestis Aerospace in the A350 XWB program, and claimed that currently the company is a "totally reliable" supplier after having overcome a difficult situation over the past months.

"Now you have the future on your hands. Continuing this progress, Alestis might be one of the best suppliers of the A350 XWB", said Evrard to the workforce of the Sevilla site.

Alestis Aerospace CEO Francisco Javier Díaz Gil said that "Alestis is in the right direction" and although "it still has many challenges ahead," also was "confident" that the commitment of all those who form the company will "tackle them successfully". "This company is proving that we can do things very well and it is trained to change and improve constantly. It is a proud to work in a Tier1 as Alestis Aerospace", underlined.

Alestis Aerospace faced last year a cash crunch and from May/2012, it was placed under court administration, operating from one bill to the next. Airbus took the control of the group and named the CEO. Alestis designs and builds the Section 19.1 of the Rear Fuselage and the belly fairing.

Based on the article “El director del A350 XWB junto a una delegación de Airbus visita la planta de Alestis en Aerópolis” published in 20minutos.

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