24 November 2013

Magellan Aerospace increases the participation on the A350 XWB program with additional workpackage.

Magellan Aerospace has signed an agreement with Airbus securing a major work package on the A350 XWB. The package, which is an addition to other supply contracts Magellan Aerospace has on the A350 XWB, consists of a series of machined and assembled structural components for the fuselage structure in this aircraft which supports the cabin storage bins and aircraft systems and is worth approximately $US 45 million dollars over the next 4 years.

Production will utilize existing and new capacity at Magellan's facilities in the UK in Wrexham, Chalfont and Greyabbey. To support this program Magellan will invest in a range of new high technology machines to optimize efficiency and value to the customer.
Magellan currently participates on the Centre Wing Box and the Pylon Secondary Structure as well as with the machining and treatment of complex machined aluminium-lithium detail components.

Mr. Jim Butyniec, President and CEO of Magellan discussed the strategic importance of participation on the A350 XWB program and Magellan's continued drive to secure major work packages on future aircraft for Airbus and Boeing programs. He commented, "This new package, together with existing A350 XWB work consolidates Magellan's strong position on this exciting new Airbus program"

Based on the press release “Magellan Aerospace Selected to Machine and Assemble Structural Components for the Airbus A350 XWB Program”


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