13 November 2013

Don´t panic. There is no emergency to decide about the A350-1100 and also there is more time to optimize the A350-800 model. Fabrice Brégier prefers to focus the team on the A350-900 certification, ramp-up and A350-1000 development.

Since Boeing announced an extended version of its 777 to more than 400 seats version, it is normal that Airbus looks what they could do.

“But this is only a preliminary examination, non-emergency and we have made no decision” said Airbus President and CEO Brégier. 

Airbus is very satisfied with the current positioning of the A350 on the niche of the 300 to 350 seats, which is doing the bulk of the request.

“It was A350´s success what led Boeing to launch an extended version of the 777” added Brégier.

Concerning the A350-800 version, “The market has evolved since the launch of the program in 2007, moving to aircraft with more large capacity, such as the A350-900.”

“This leaves more time to optimize the 800 version. Its delivery is still scheduled for 2016, but we will be able to adapt if the market goes further towards the 900 and 1000 versions” said Brégier.

Based on the article “Fabrice Brégier : «Airbus dégagera 10% de marge si l’A350 tient ses objectifs »” published in Les Echos

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