20 November 2013

What has the first flying prototype MSN1 achieved alone in the A350 flight test program.

Hugues Van Der Stichel, Experimental test pilot, VP Flight Test Regulation, explained exactly what key achievements have been logged so far.

  • Aero clean and landing configurations are completed.
  • Settings for the air brakes are completed.
  • The flight envelope has been opened.
  • The A350 is now cleared in normal law up to FL430.

  • System tests including failure cases and a RAT (ram air turbine) in-flight extension have been completed.
  • Auto-flight is functional, and the first autoland was performed on F4.
  • Landing gear free falls have also been performed.
  • The timing is not known for the all important VMU minimum unstick speed tests, the slowest speed at which the aircraft will safely take off.


Though Airbus says icing tests will occur by year’s end depending on weather.

Based on the article “Airbus Gives Major A350 XWB Program Update: Rival 777X In The Crosshairs” published in Airchive

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