26 November 2013

A350 first prototype MSN1 celebrates the 100th flight after successful completion of the artificial ice shapes tests … with a special guest onboard.

The first flying prototype MSN1 has successfully completed the artificial ice-shape flight test campaign

Last Sunday the artificial ice-shapes were removed from the MSN1 and the FTI reconnected in order to allow the MSN1 to celebrate on Monday the 100th flight without artificial ice-shapes as shown in the pictures below:
Vertical and Horizontal Stabilizers with artificial ice-shapes ....  and without ice-shapes

The artificial ice-shapes campaign has been performed from 13/Nov to 21/Nov with more than 30 flight hours of tests. This short campaign has included a 5 hours flight on 17/Nov, the first flight on Sunday.

All these pictures are available at http://www.flickr.com/photos/aircrafts/

The first flight-test aircraft, MSN001 (F-WXWB), as of today has accumulated 103 flights (missions) and more than 457 flight hours, while MSN003 (F-WZGG), the second flight-test aircraft, has completed 27 flights and close to 150 flight hours.

Following the completion of these tests with simulated ice-shapes, Airbus is preparing for icing tests with natural ice, targeted before end of the year although the exact timing and location largely depends on the weather.

With these flying maneuvers, the flight test crews wanted to be able to simulate the worst case icing conditions on the aircraft with ice shapes, installed on the wings, horizontal and vertical stabilizers.

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